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Society for Mathematical Biology Digest - periodic mailings (digests) Archive-months: none SMBnet is an electronic mail and archive facility with which members of the theoretical/mathematical/computational biology community can communicate readily. It is brought to you by the Society for Mathematical Biology with the support of Bar Ilan University and the University of Auckland. Presently, a digest is available to SMBnet subscribers several times a month. The digest contains items of current interest submitted by the readers, including scientific queries, announcements of publications, theses, meetings and job opportunities, news items, etc. To submit an item, send mail to; the editor will incorporate all appropriate submissions into the next issue. All issues are available on the archive at You may join or leave the list, or update options at Alternatively, you may subscribe to SMBnet and receive the Digest by pointing your browser at and complete the the subscription information. Questions/comments should be addressed to Raymond Mejia digest.ray(at)